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Hard Federations

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of a Hard Federation the Government, in its infinite wisdom, produced legislation allowing a single Governing Body (GB) to look after several schools. The idea was that expertise could be pooled into a single GB and redistributed around all those in the partnership, thereby producing a streamlined, efficient and more cohesive form of school governance.

There's only one snag. In the words of Captain Edmund Blackadder "it's bollocks".

Instead of interfering in the smooth running of only one school overzealous Governors are now able to wreak havoc in several. Judging by the nauseating frequency of their visits to school they are clearly trying to compensate for their own inadequate employment status.

You'll also find that Governors formerly on the GB of a secondary school pack more punch than those formerly of a primary school. The aforementioned secondary schools are also under the impression that they're able to dictate routine policy to their primary counterparts, who are expected to fall into line like timid church mice.

Another New Labour policy dreamt up in the public toilets of Hampstead Heath.