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Induction Complete

My first full time year of teaching has come to an end.

After 960 lessons, some of them I'd rather forget, my induction paperwork has been signed off and forwarded to the Appropriate Body. Better still I was also able to send off my Golden Hello paperwork, so there should be an extra £3500 (after tax) lurking in my September pay packet. After negotiation I should also be progressing to point 4 on the Main Pay Scale, so I will be able to live quite comfortably come the new school year.

It's been a hard year, although not as hard as my PGCE. I take some consolation from the fact that a lot of work I've prepared this year can be used to lighten the load next year. There have been days when I've thought "why am I doing this?", which have thankfully been outweighed by the days where I've delivered good lessons and been surrounded by brilliant kids and supportive colleagues.

For now I'm going to enjoy my summer holidays. I don't plan to go into school too often, but I will be working at home in the last couple of weeks.